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AeroFix Aviation - ROTAX & JABIRU Aircraft Engine Servicing, Repair & Overhaul
Trained Rotax Heavy Maintenance Maintenance and Servicing Engineer for Rotax 912 series of aircraft engines. Overhaul & repair of Rotax 2 stroke Engines. Jabiru 2200 and Jabiru 3300 Service, Servicing, Repair, Upgrade, Modification, bulk strip and rebuild, top-end overhaul and full overhaul. Trained by Roger Lewis, Conair and CFS Aero
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  • Created date: August 1st in 2012
  • Updated time: December 20th in 2017
  • Could expire on: August 1st in 2019
Rotec Aerosport Pty Ltd Official Site
The official site of Rotec Aerosport, the proud manufacturer of R3600 & R2800 radial engines which are known for the quality craftsmanship of a bygone era.
  • Created date: March 23rd in 2011
  • Updated time: March 20th in 2017
  • Could expire on: March 23rd in 2020
  • Created date: October 6th in 1999
  • Updated time: October 6th in 2016
  • Could expire on: October 6th in 2017
Fyns UL-Flyveklub
Flyv ultralet. Velkommen til Fyns UL-Flyveklub hjemmeside, der giver oplysninger om klubben og aktivitet.
  • Could expire on: April 30th in 2018
  • Created date: April 12th in 2007
Australian Aircraft for Sale on Aircraft Online
Australia's leading free website list of new and used aircraft for sale including sports aircraft, helicopters and recreational aircraft sales on aircraft online Australia and New Zealand
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      Jabiru North America, LLC
      • Created date: December 7th in 2015
      • Updated time: March 15th in 2016
      • Could expire on: December 7th in 2020
      Simple Digital System EM-5
      Simple Digital System EM-5 is the most affordable, easiest to install fuel injection system on the market today. SDS does not require a laptop to program!
      • Created date: May 22nd in 1996
      • Updated time: January 30th in 2015
      • Could expire on: May 23rd in 2020
      Kakadu National Park Australia visitors guide for Kakadu travel in Kakadu National Park
      • Created date: June 10th in 2007
      • Updated time: May 25th in 2016
      • Could expire on: June 10th in 2017
      Kakadu Tourism - Explore Kakadu National Park
      Kakadu National Park | Australian Outback Adventure
      • Created date: May 29th in 2002
      • Updated time: February 9th in 2016
      • Could expire on: May 29th in 2021
      AeroConversions Products -- Power to the Sport Pilot!
      AeroConversions is a product line of high-quality powerplants, systems and parts for use in recreational aviation. AeroConversions products include the AeroVee Engine, AeroCarb, AerConversions Trim System and Throttle Quadrants, along with many other parts and accessories. AeroConversions product designers and engineers are dedicated to providing simple, elegant and low-cost solutions for sport flying. Simply put, AeroConversions products provide the best performance per dollar, giving Power to the Sport Pilot.
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      • Created date: September 4th in 2000
      • Updated time: September 5th in 2017
      • Could expire on: September 4th in 2018
      SCRABBLE 88
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      • Created date: November 17th in 2009
      • Updated time: March 20th in 2017
      • Could expire on: May 19th in 2018
      IT Consulting, Managed IT Services, Computer Support, IT Support Brisbane - Grassroots IT
      Grassroots IT specialises in IT Consulting, Computer Support, Managed IT Services and IT Support in Brisbane
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      Kakadu Scenic Flight | Jabiru Kakadu National Park
      Kakadu Scenic Flight company depart from Jabiru in Kakadu National Park and provide the best sightseeing tour of Kakadu. Scenic flights over Kakadu NT
        Lightplane - Occasions ULM et Forum de l'aviation légère / Ultra-light and aircrafts auctions and forum (ULM, Zenair, Alto, Parrot, Mermaid, Glider, ulm alto, cesna,...)
        Forum ULM occasions et francophone de l'aviation légère, aéronautique et techniques
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        • Created date: April 14th in 2005
        • Updated time: February 16th in 2017
        • Could expire on: April 14th in 2018
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          Eggy My Leggy

          Rachel//18//5'7" (Check out my tagged/me) Indiana, USA EQUALITY/ HUMOR BLOG I like to think that I'm funny If you follow me I'll give you free food (Not really it's all mine and you better back the...
            Home - Jabiru Aircraft & Engines Australia
            Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd is an Australian aircraft manufacturer that produces a range of kit- and ready-built civil light aircraft and aircraft engines in Bundaberg, Queensland.
              Jabiru Caravan and RV Club Inc. – "In Perfect Unison"
              • Created date: April 7th in 2015
              • Updated time: April 13th in 2015
              • Could expire on: April 7th in 2018
              TL elektronic - Products
              TL elektronic is a manufacturer of avionics and on board aircraft systems.
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              • Created date: November 6th in 2001
              • Updated time: November 7th in 2017
              • Could expire on: November 6th in 2018
              Sonex -- The Sport Aircraft Reality Check!
              Sonex Aircraft, LLC is the designer and manufacturer of the Sonex and Waiex sport planes as well as the Xenos Motorglider. Sonex aircraft offer the Best Performance per Dollar for the Sport Pilot.
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              • Created date: July 12th in 2004
              • Updated time: November 23rd in 2015
              • Could expire on: July 12th in 2017
              Niki Rotor Aviation
              NIKI Rotor Aviation designed and manufactured the first two-seated gyrocopter made in Bulgaria. Our gyrocopters consist of high quality materials and innovative design. The test pilot is Andi Siebenhofer
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              • Created date: March 17th in 2010
              • Updated time: February 20th in 2017
              • Could expire on: March 17th in 2018
              Topfun Aviation
              Topfun Aviation provides recreational and sport fliers with training and aircraft hire just over 1 hour north of Perth, Western Australia.
                Home - X-Air LSA
                • Created date: December 13th in 2007
                • Updated time: December 30th in 2016
                • Could expire on: December 13th in 2017
                JBM Industries Rubber Carburetor Boot Socket Holders & Diaphragms
                JBM Industries rubber carburetor holder socket boots, flange intake sockets, vibration isolators, stainless steel exhaust springs, for Rotax 912, 582, 503, 447, 377, Zenoah & HKS engines. Yamaha 650 SX & TX Mikuni BS-38 & 34 CV carbs. Diaphragms & holders.
                • Created date: September 29th in 2009
                • Updated time: September 29th in 2017
                • Could expire on: September 29th in 2018
                Zenith Aircraft Builders and Flyers - Online Community of Zenith Builders and Flyers
                Online community for active builders and pilots of Zenith Aircraft kits (Chris Heintz / Zenair light airplane designs).
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                • Created date: August 29th in 2002
                • Updated time: August 5th in 2016
                • Could expire on: August 29th in 2017
                Welcome to the Light Aircraft Association
                • Created date: October 10th in 2007
                • Updated time: November 2nd in 2016
                • Could expire on: October 10th in 2017
                ROUES & FREINS Hautes performances pour avion Beringer Aero
                La société BERINGER fabrique des roues et des freins dans le même esprit de qualité et de performance depuis 28 ans. Grâce à leur exceptionnelle fiabilité, les freins BERINGER pour la moto et l’automobile ont équipé des teams de course prestigieux,...
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                • Created date: March 12th in 2010
                • Updated time: April 20th in 2017
                • Could expire on: March 12th in 2019
                Scenic Flight Kakadu From Jabiru Cooinda | Kakadu Tours From Darwin
                Scenic Flight from Jabiru and Cooinda over the beautiful Kakadu National Park. Scenic flights from Darwin to Kakadu and Yellow Water Billabong
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                Jabiru Owners Group • Index page
                • Created date: February 6th in 2015
                • Updated time: January 30th in 2018
                • Could expire on: February 6th in 2019
                Champion Flyers - Aircraft Maintenance, Service and Repairs
                Aircraft maintenance and Repair Service, Birmingham AL, Shelby County AL
                • Created date: June 11th in 2007
                • Updated time: May 27th in 2017
                • Could expire on: June 11th in 2018
                  SILENT HEKTIK Automotive Hard- & Software - Home
                  • Updated time: November 22nd in 2007
                  Skycraft Ltd - New & Used Parts for Aircraft
                  Skycraft Ltd - UK agent for Jabiru Aircraft, Rans Aircraft, Jabiru engines, Manufacturer of Leburg Ignition Systems. Skycraft have large stocks of new and used parts for aircraft and microlights. We are stockist of Jabiru Part, Rans Part, Bing Carburation, Microair Radio, VDO Instrument, Odyssey Power, Earls Cooling, Sensenich, Warp Drive, GT, PAC and Tennessee Propeller, Diatex Covering, Sky-Tech dope and finishing product, High quality products for the home builder so why not visit our online store today.
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                  • Created date: May 10th in 2000
                  • Updated time: June 10th in 2016
                  • Could expire on: May 10th in 2018
                  Jabiru School Age Care Communities | Where it's fun to belong
                  Jabiru is a network of services to provide school age care for children across 20 locations for before school care, after school care and holidays.
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                  SubAirs Aviation Home of the Jabiru
                  ST Aviation are the UK dealers for Jabiru aircraft and engines. Fly the new approved J400 4 seater aircraft now!
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